EcoBatt® batts and rolls

Unfaced, Kraft, FSK, Foil

EcoBatt glass mineral wool insulation takes sustainability to a new level while delivering Knauf’s exceptional quality, handling and durability. EcoBatt leverages ECOSE® Technology—a revolutionary binder that transformed the glass wool insulation industry. It is based on rapidly renewable, bio- based material. EcoBatt also contains sand— an abundant resource—and recycled glass.


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Features & functionality

  • Faced products resist tears, are marked in one-foot increments, and feature extra wide stapling flange for faster and easier install
  • Highly resilient, recovers quickly to full thickness for snug fit and superior aesthetics
  • Consistent quality materials cut easily with low dust
  • Excellent acoustical properties reduce sound transmission

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Environment & materials

Improved by:

  • Utilization of recycled glass
  • Knauf’s original plant-based ECOSE binder technology
  • Optimized compression packaging

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