Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap & KN Series

Knauf Insulation Atmosphere Duct Wrap and KN Series insulation are thermal and acoustical insulation blankets made from highly resilient, inorganic glass mineral wool bonded by ECOSE® technology. 

The Atmosphere Duct Wrap is designed for external insulation on commercial or residential heating and air conditioning units, and is available unfaced, with a foil-scrim-kraft (FSK) jacket and with a white metalized polypropylene-scrim-kraft (PSK) jacket. The KN Series is used as utility thermal and/or acoustical insulation and is available unfaced. KN Series has been used as the insulation material in double walled ducts.


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Features & functionality

  • Low “k” factor significantly reduces heat gain or loss when applied with proper compression 
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Excellent acoustical properties
  • Lowers operating and installation costs
  • Low emitting for indoor air quality considerations and formaldehyde-free

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Atmosphere Duct WrapKN Series

Environment & materials

Improved by:

  • Utilization of recycled glass
  • Knauf’s original plant-based ECOSE binder technology 
  • Optimized compression packaging

Certification & rating systems:

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